Our Equipment

Beaumaris Pilates  is a fully equipped studio with high quality Balanced Body Pilates equipment.  Three reformer beds, one trapeze, one high barrel and two chairs and various small pilates barrels and apparatus.

Pilates equipment today is not much different than that of yesteryear.  Spring tension, straps to hold feet or hands, supports for back, neck and shoulder are as important now as they were then.  Because of the remarkable nature of the equipment to both challenge and support the body as it learns to move more efficiently, the inimitably designed pieces act as a  complement to the challenging “matwork” exercises.

"Look, you see it resists your movement in just the right way so those inner muscles really have to work against it. That way you can concentrate on the movement. You must always do it slowly and smoothly. Then your whole body is in it"
Joseph H Pilates, on the importance of his unique exercise equipment.

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Perhaps the most renowned of all Pilates equipment is the Reformer. With its sophisticated system of springs, straps and pulleys, unlimited can be performed on this surprisingly versatile apparatus.

The reformer bed is a gliding platform on which one can sit, kneel, stand or lie on their front, back or side. The user pushes and pulls off the foot bar using the arms, legs, wrists and ankles to slide back and forth along the rails in a controlled manner while the tension in the springs gently works the muscles.

The Pilates Reformer helps one establish torso stability and postural alignment while working peripheral limbs in a range of motion. The adjustable springs allow for progressive resistance, which helps to lengthen and strengthen the muscles rather than building bulk. It makes for an effective, no-impact stretching and toning workout that is friendly to the joints.

Don't be surprised if some beginner Reformer exercises seem simple - a relaxing, almost effortless glide back and forth on the carriage with none of that overexertion sensation you get from pumping iron. The effects go deep, and you'll engage muscles you never knew you had. As you progress, the fitness challenge becomes significantly greater.

Wunda Chair
The Cadillac
Barrels - High Barrel
Spine Corrector