Why Pilates?

Pilates is an intelligent exercise, creating increased stability through the core while increasing mobility through the entire body.  At Beaumaris Pilates we have skilled and certified teachers who are trained to program and progress you to achieve the body that you want to live in.  We cater to all types of people, all ages and fitness levels from physically fit ironman, weekend warrior cyclists to mums and dads and grandparents trying to keep up with the grandkids. 

Pilates is a safe and beneficial exercise method for those with conditions such as back injuries, pre or post surgery, Osteoporosis, Neurological issues, Pre and Post Pregnancy and generally any postural imbalances that occur through life, helping the body align, strengthen and create flexibility and mobility throughout the body allowing to function more efficiently in everyday life.

Private and Duet class’s offers individuals the privacy and one on one time with the teacher to work on their bodies.

Studio classes allows one on four ratio working environment with a personalised program and group classes (Barre, Reformer and Mat) a larger group program.