We have many different types of classes at Beaumaris Pilates.  Pilates Studio classes our most traditional Pilates classes, up to four clients work with one teacher at a time. Private classes are one-on-one classes and Duets where 2 clients work per teacher.  Our Group classes, Pilate’s circuit, group reformer and Barre classes are targeted for a healthy body and have more of a cardio element to them while still adhering to postural alignment and Pilates principles.

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Youth Specific Classes -


It is essential to book an initial consultation at Beaumaris Pilates.  This one on one time allows the instructor and client to assess the needs and goals of the individual and to tailor a program to achieve the desired results.  Whether to increase core strength or rehabilitation, cross training or general fitness and wellbeing.  Programs are designed for each individual according to specific needs designed around the various Pilates apparatus.  A major goal is always progress forward in general strength and physical wellbeing.



Our Studio Classes are a maximum of 4 clients per teacher per class.  Each client works on their particular program designed by us to help restore posture and take into consideration particular issues.
We specialise in pre and post pregnancy programs, pre and post surgery, athletic cross training requirements and general health and wellbeing, back issues.
Private and Duet Class
Our private classes are one on one class time with an experienced teacher who will program and instruct taking into consideration the specific needs and wants of a client
Duets allows a 2 clients,  couples or friends to work with an experienced teacher



Our mat classes are a group general full body workout. The exercises are set in sequence toning, stretching and working the entire body with the focus on the abdominals. As you become stronger and more familiar with the exercises the intensity and flow increases making the workouts more challenging.
A Pilates mat class will improve your strength, posture and mobility giving you fast results.
Are mat classes right for you?
Mat classes are for absolute beginners to the experienced.
We do not allow those with disc pathologies, osteoporosis, those that are pregnant or are under a practitioner (physio, osteo, chiro) for ongoing issues to participate in our mat classes. We would strongly recommend studio sessions if you come under any of these categories so we can look after you with the utmost care and tailor a workout specifically to your needs.
If you are unsure of your level, or whether or not a mat class is suitable for you, we recommend coming into the studio for an initial consultation with one of our instructors.



Pilates Barre is the latest fitness trend spreading the globe. This increasingly popular exercise regime incorporates the precision of Pilates with the positions, moves and technique of ballet. Add to this the alignment of yoga and the strength from sports conditioning and you will have all of the aspects of a typical barre session.

PilatesBarre is a unique ballet barre workout, set to high-energy music, which dramatically transforms the entire body. The focus is on toning the thighs, lifting the butt, sculpting th
e arms and flattening the abs, whilst simultaneously burning fat. Each session aims to build stamina and endurance, increase flexibility and narrow the waistline. The result is a long, lean physique, strong core and a fitter, slimmer YOU!



Our Youth Specific Pilates classes are targeted to teenagers and  is a full body conditioning system designed to improve physical strength, flexibility and posture as well as enhance mental awareness. Our teen specific class will combine the use of reformer, cadilliac, chair and small apparatus with floor based exercise to target the specific needs of the child.  The group environment also provides a fun, social and supportive atmosphere to ensure a positive movement experience.  Programs will be designed around your child's body strengths and weakness and goals towards improving any sport specific needs.

Please contact studio for pricing and term dates for classes


Group Reformer Class

Group Reformer class is a an hour long class designed for 3 clients per working the same group program. Ideally designed for a healthy body that loves the reformer from start to end